What we do

Our goals are simple:

  • Maximize this website’s resources to help people with various animal issues
  • Rescue and re-home one dog at a time
  • Trap, alter, vet and feed as many stray cats in our area as possible

Trap and Release is the only way to go!

The way we see it is that there are just too many homeless cats on the streets. This isn’t good for the cats and it’s not always pleasant for humans.

The sad fact is that in seven years, one female cat and her offspring can yield 420,000 cats! A female cat can reproduce as early as 6 months of age when still a kitten herself and can become pregnant up to four times per year with an average 8-10 kittens per litter.

So, we purchased a couple of traps and have been spaying/neutering feral cats. This is the only way to reduce the wild cat populations in our neighborhoods. Please contact us if you’d like to learn how to alter cats in your area. It’s easy and it’s the one of the very best ways you can help animals!

Some of the cats we’ve trapped and released so far:

by Melissa Wu

I have the pleasure of feeding a feral cat colony in Boca Raton, Florida on Sunday nights. It’s the most incredible experience. When I drive up, all of these little critters (ducks & racoons included) appear & are so grateful I’m there. What an awesome responsibility to know those little lives are relying on me for their nourishment. I’m going to set some traps there soon so I can alter the ones who have not been fixed yet. I feel that’s the most important part of my relationship with these wondeful cats. Check out our videos:

Sunday night feeding – part 1
Sunday night feeding – part 2
Sunday night feeding – part 3

6 thoughts on “What we do

  1. hello, I am visiting in Kings Point Del Ray for a few days Ive been coming here for many years and never have seen cats here Now apparently there are many and there is one that is coming to my in-laws home waiting for food. No one is aloud to feed of course I have tried to speak with my in-laws about getting together a spay-neuter-release group but they are older and say no one here will participate My heart is breaking for this one that is outside who looks like she is pregnant or just had kittens. I am absolutely willing to pay someone for help…..can you direct me? I know it is very hard to find help for thissort of thing. I have done it myself at home

    • Hi Lorrie,

      I’d love to help by loaning traps and setting up surgery appointments but I’d need someone at the property to set the traps. Is there someone there who could set them and monitor them?



  2. Melissa, May all you animal friends smile upon you! Merry Christmas from uncle Henry. I am at my house in North Port Fl this week. My cell phone is 810 650 9136 if you can chat for a while. I have your old phone number that must have been changed. Cheers, Henry

  3. There’s a group of four cats near Boca’s Spanish river library on the nearby path. Unfortunately I’m on vacation in Boca and won’t be staying here long. Can you help these cats? I’d love to donate money for their treatments care and food

    • Hi Casey. Thanks for your message. I’m pretty sure those cats are already altered (that’s our mission with outdoor cats). Do you know if their ears are notched? If you see part of their ear missing, that means they’ve been caught, altered and returned to their original spot.

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