Adopt Olive

Meet Olive! She is an approximately 2 year old mixed breed dog looking for a home. She Oliveis absolutely wonderful with adults and children. We are working with her to get along with other furry friends. Olive was found wandering the streets, nothing but skin and bones. A good samaritan took her to the vet where she sat for 7 months. Today, she’s in a fun, boarding setting where she gets exercise and plays with toys. This is the best situation until her forever home is found.  

Please contact us if you would like to meet her. Thanks.

Olive had a quick weekend getaway to see how she does in a home. We’re happy to report she’s totally housebroken and just loves to hang out with people. Doesn’t really bark. Just a fun, easy, squishy girl. Here’s a view of her 4/21/17 weekend out of the run:

At her new boarding place where she’s having a blast 4/26/17:

She loves her sand pool so much that she fell asleep in it:

She loves her cocounuts!

Feeling sleepy after her South Florida runs: