Lily rescue 2016

UPDATE 6/27/16: Lily has been adopted!

We got a call from a friend who owns a plant nursery in the “sticks.” He said there was a pup running around the nursery for weeks but he was not able to get close to her. He thought she may have had pups nearby. We drove out there to assess the situation and see if we could gain her trust.

After days and teamwork, we got her. Yeah! She’s been vetted by our amazing team at Boca Veterinary Clinic and is ready for adoption. We think Lily is about 1.5 years-old, has pearly white teeth, LOVES toys, loves her foster canine sibling and is learning how to be a wonderful family member. She even plays in doggy daycare a few days per week to hang out with other dogs of all sizes. Below are videos and photos in chronological order of our time with her. Newest pics and videos towards the bottom.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting her. See the photos from her photography shoot. Thanks.


Our first glimpse of her.

First training session with Scott.


Lily sure does love to snuggle with her foster sister. Please contact us if you want to meet this cutie!

Training sessions have begun and she’s smart!

She’s so cute!

She was the perfect model for her photoshoot!

Having fun with her petsitter:

Having fun with her foster brother. She is such a good playmate:

Having fun in doggy daycare. Gets along with everyone.

Having fun with her aunt Jill!

She was a pro during her first bike run today (3/19/16)

Chillin’ in the yard after her run….so pretty.

Knocked out after daycare!

Caught with the beer box!
Cuteness alert!

Informal May photoshoot

The fun isn’t over! See much more of beautiful Lily here.