Adopt Lily Pad!

Little Itty Bitty Lily Pad needs a loving home. Here’s the scoop on Lily Pad:

She’s absolutely adorable. You will smile anytime she’s in your presence. She was surrendered to a rescue by her owner. She may have had two owners. It doesn’t matter. She’s with us now and happy as a clam! She’s about 1, breed mix unknown. She’s super little, even though she may weigh about 23lbs. Her back legs are bowed from an untreated fracture but that makes her walk even cuter. She won’t need surgery for that. She does have an enlarged heart. She will be further assessed on 6/21 to see what that means. She runs around like a rabbit. She gives soft kisses and loves to snuggle. She is great with dogs, cats, babies and everyone who comes across her path. She dances and loves tennis balls.

Enjoy her videos and pictures (more to come):