Adopt Dash – ADOPTED!!!

Dash’s horrific past will not define his beautiful, bright future. When we first met this boy at animal control, he was a shell of a dog covered in both old and fresh bite wounds, scabs, and scars. He was so scared. If you touched him, he would cower and pee on himself. The day we met him would be the last bad day of his life. We promised him that his future would be full of happiness, good health, and a lot of love. Dash has healed physically while in his foster home and is continually learning to trust others. It’s a process that will take time. He loves his foster parents and his foster dog and cat siblings. It takes him some time to warm up to strangers. Even if he’s unsure of people, he never growls, bites, or acts out if they are trying to get to know him. Some sounds scare him but he mellows out with assurance from loved ones.

Dash is about a year-old, mixed breed, neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and preventions. Once he’s comfortable with his surroundings, he romps around like a normal pup. He loves to play with his foster canine sibling and chase the cats around (with no harmful intention). He spends his days chewing on bones, balls and toys. He’s really easy. If you have a quiet home and want a dog just to hang out with and who will make you smile, Dash is the boy for you (however, we do prefer Dash go to a home where there is another dog who will show him the ropes and provide a calming effect).

Dash’s rescue was made possible by the wonderful people of Even though the folks at Animal Matters are fostering him, his adoption application and review will be processed through Pit Sisters. In partnership with them, Animal Matters is committed to finding the best home for sweet Dash.

The below pictures and videos are in chronological order starting when we first met him. It gets happier as you scroll down 🙂

We apologize for the graphic photos but we need you to see Dash’s condition when we first met him. Cruelty to animals is happening everyday all around us. Please be the change they need.

When we first met Dash.

After the shelter, we headed straight to the vet!

Learning how to be a pup in his foster home. He’s such a doll!


Dash loves his foster sister

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