Lily has been adopted!

Our sweet, Lily, has been adopted by a wonderful family. She now lives with great parents and young children who keep her busy! I’m not the type to celebrate too early after our rescues are placed because I’m never sure if it will work out. Even though we take our time in the adoption process and only place the pet after so many boxes are checked, you just never know. In this case — after only 3 days — I’m confident it will stick. The family is going out of their way to see that Lily is exercised and trained. In her first day alone, she went on a long walk, ran around the yard and then to the dog park!!

I will provide updates as I get them. Today, Lily is actually in daycare because her mom had to work. I’m really through-the-moon. I’m not going to lie…I miss that little firecracker. I spent everyday with her for 6 months. It’s a loss for me but a huge gain for her which is the name of the rescue game.

Thanks to all of you who helped share her story and worked hard to find her a forever home.

Keep livin’ large little Lil!


Adorable girl!

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