Lily – Today

We’ve had Lily about 3.5 months now. Each day, she becomes more comfortable with her life as a “normal” house dog. In the beginning, she did not know much about being a domesticated pooch. Today, she seems so much more comfortable in her skin. She calms down, she sleeps soundly, she has learned not go potty in the house, and she just adores the company of other dogs and us.

It took me quite some time to like her. I’m not ashamed to admit that. There doesn’t have to be a love affair with every animal we save. However, I have to say I am really smitten with this girl now. She has grown on me. She reminds me that I need to be free, wild, silly and fun. Her puppiness is rubbing off on me. I’m outside more. I play games with her. I give her good massages. She makes me smile. I know her forever home is out there. It’s taking awhile but it’s going to be really good when it happens. I can feel it.

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