Fostering saves lives – duh!

We’re always asking for people to foster and I’m always surprised why so few people offer. It’s a temporary commitment and for the most part, all expenses are paid by the rescue organization. Yes, you have to help the animal adjust to his or her new surroundings and be patient at times but it’s magical to watch an animal transform once you take them out of whatever sad situation they were once in.

We’ve had Lily in our home for only 5 days and her life is so much brighter. When we first saw her outside fending for herself, she was scared, dirty and acting very feral. Once the leash looped around her, she became the sweet dog she inherently always was.

What an honor to watch these animals go from rags to riches. Take a look at Lily today, day 5 in foster. Please keep sharing her so she can find her forever home soon. We can’t help any other animals until the ones in our home are placed.

Lily, the Lab mix, is YOUNG, playful, eager to learn, loves toys, crate-trained, house-trained and vetted.

P.S. A huge thank you to the wonderful people who have opened their homes to homeless animals either for Animal Matters or for another rescue organization. You are truly saving lives. And a huge shout out to our contributors. Of course, we couldn’t vet, feed, medicate, nor house any animals without your support.

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