Here we go again!


Jetson always smiles

I always say that I’m going to just focus on spaying and neutering since that is the only way to stop the pet overpopulation crisis, however, rescue always finds its way back into my life.

While I was vacationing a few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend stating her roommate found a dog who was tied to a street sign with a bowl of water at his feet. Someone literally drove up to a sign on a quiet street, tied their dog up and drove away. Do you imagine what was going through that dog’s mind and heart when that careless person drove away? His heartache breaks my heart.

Thank goodness, my friend’s roommate spotted the dog while pumping gas and drove over to the pooch. She untied him, took him home and named him Jetson. My kind of gal. She took action into her own hands. “If not you then who?” That’s one of my favorite sayings. I try to live by that credo too.

The only problem with Jetson at her house is that she has several cats so he had to be kept outdoors until appropriate introductions could be done. That takes a long time. The South Florida rainy weather made it super tough on this foster situation.

Back to that fateful text from my friend: I told my buddy that I didn’t have anywhere to put the pooch but I would pay for his neuter/vetting. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Jetson was taken to my vet. Before he was to be neutered, he tested positive for heartworm. Of course, he did. That’s not only a brutal treatment for the dog but it’s really expensive for us. We then took him to my other vet that specializes in heartworm and we’re assessing our plan of action now.

I hear he’s a fantastic, loving boy. That doesn’t surprise me. All Pits are. I plan on visiting him tomorrow. If someone can help us with a temporary, medical foster, please contact me. He needs to be INSIDE while going through treatment (& for the rest of his life). I’d be so grateful and so would Jetson. All food, meds and incidentals will be covered by Animal Matters.


Melissa Wu
Executive Director

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