Cat Trapping Is Emotional

Although we know trapping street kitties to spay/neuter them is the only humane way to curb feline overpopulation, it is emotional work. Of course, it is traumatic for the cats we catch but the fear is only temporary. For us, the humans, making the decisions we have to make is tough. Most trapping ventures go smoothly. We trap, have them altered, they test negative for diseases and then they are returned to their outdoor “home.” However, sometimes vets call us to tell us that our cats are either ill with Leukemia or AIDS, need an amputation, or have some other severe affliction. We have to make the call if that cat could survive happily if returned outdoors in their respective condition.

Today, was one of those rare days. I know we made the right call but it sure hurts in the heart. We have to continue this important work. We say a prayer and set another trap. Tomorrow is a new day.

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