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Remember, your pet is a lifetime commitment. It’s your responsibility to make it work. If you’re looking to adopt an animal in need (thank you), please visit www.petfinder.com and/or www.adoptapet.com.

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Goodbye Large Orange

We had to say goodbye to “Large Orange” this past week. He was the king cat in our colony for many years. For the past couple of weeks, we noticed he was declining. Last Sunday, I picked him up & he didn’t even struggle. Next day, we had our vet come to the house and she said it was definitely “time.” He went to heaven peacefully. We got his remains back today so he’s safely home. Thank you to all of our feeders who take care of these wonderful street kitties.


A Feel Good Story

We received an email from a Ft. Lauderdale resident asking for help with an injured kitty outside hanging around her apartment. With tons of teamwork (thanks Stacy), we were able to get her a trap and she caught the little guy. We paid for his vetting. He may have wobbly cat syndrome but good news is that he has found his home. Vet bill was over $400. We were glad to help. Thank you for your donations.

Saving Nemo

A woman emailed Animal Matters frantically begging for help with a baby kitten screaming in her business park bushes. She and her coworkers didn’t know how to help this little guy who had a bulging, bloody eye. I told her to use our account at a nearby vet to get him help ASAP.

Fast forward to today: Little Nemo is in a wonderful home with another cat. He’s enjoying life. These are the stories that make us continue this critical work. Thanks for all of your support!

-Melissa Wu

Lady and the Tramp

This is our favorite story of 2018! Remember Luna, the mamma that had five kittens that Stacy fostered and Buster the tuxedo attacked by another animal? Well Stacy and Alan took them both in and they are now best friends.


Stacy is a little jealous because Luna used to keep her company in the evenings upstairs while watching TV. Now Luna only wants to hang with Buster downstairs in the office. 😒 It’s the ongoing joke that Luna dumped her for Buster. 😂

Thanksgiving Travelers

These two purr babies fell down a storm drain and miraculously found their way out.

C9D24954-4BBA-4C4C-901D-847F6A62934B.jpeg Thanks to a team effort they were trapped then vetted and socialized. They were sent up north Thanksgiving weekend thanks to Darbster foundation that transports kittens up north to get adopted.

Second time was a charm

This handsome boy was dumped at a park. 7DBD6FEB-DEBF-47CC-80BC-268EFB45E2D9.jpeg

He was chipped and his owners claimed they surrendered him back to the humane society. 😤He was then adopted for a brief two weeks when his then owner decided they didn’t want to deal with his urinary tract infection. Luckily he had someone else that wanted him and he’s healthy and living his best life.